Comfort access in the BMW 7 Series Sedan.

Open the door, get in, press the Start/Stop button and go. What's missing from this scenario? The car key. The optional comfort access feature of the BMW 7 Series Sedan automatically recognises the driver as they approach. The doors and boot can be opened, the engine can be started with a press of the Start button. Move away from your 7 Series and the doors lock again automatically. Until your next drive.

Soft-Close-Automatic for the BMW 7 Series Sedan.

The elegant way to ensure each door is properly closed: the optional Soft-Close-Automatic feature uses small electric motors to gently and quietly pull the doors shut for the last 6 millimetres. All doors feature door brakes as standard, to prevent doors swinging open in an uncontrolled way: the open door stays open at the desired angle.

High-gloss Shadow Line for the BMW 7 Series Sedan.

For an understated but unmistakable note of sporting individuality: High-gloss Shadow Line enhances the appearance of the BMW 7 Series with special black frames for the side windows and interior door trims. The trim line across the boot and the bumpers are colour-coded with the body paint finish.

Light-alloy wheels for the BMW 7 Series Sedan.

Pure 7 Series style, pure 7 Series performance: the range of light-alloy wheels for the BMW 7 Series, such as the 19" multi-spoke 235 shown here, are cast in remarkably light, high-strength aluminium. They are precisely designed to complement the chassis and enhance the Sedan's suspension. Prior to their use in the standard series, they undergo the most demanding practical testing - thus ensuring correct material quality and functionality to meet the highest standards.