BMW Assist for the BMW X1.

The optional BMW Assist puts you in control of your travel plans. Up-to-date traffic information, congestion reports and alternative route suggestions can be called up at the press of a button, plus information about hotels, restaurants and other useful addresses. These can be entered directly in the navigation system. Its automatic emergency call feature and breakdown assistance request, including vehicle location data, enhances your safety.

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BMW Online for the BMW X1.

BMW Online is an Internet-based feature which can be used to read or send e-mails and offers individually tailored information services including news and business updates, sports results and flight schedules. With its address book feature and e-mail function, BMW Online transforms your BMW X1 into a mobile office. Optional Professional navigation system with integrated Bluetooth mobile phone preparation required.

Information services in the BMW X1.

BMW Information services include a telephone service with direct transfer to your navigation system and the BMW Online Google Send to Car function. At the push of a button local information is available wherever you may be in the country. The service connects you to an operator who will be able to quickly access the information you need. You can request places of interest from hotels and restaurants, to museums or historical attractions. The information is sent to your BMW X1 and can then be used in your navigation system to plan a route to your destination, or to make a call or save contact information on your Bluetooth telephone. As with BMW Assist and BMW Online, the telephone service is free of charge for up to 3 years. A BMW ConnectedDrive technology.

Travel and Leisure Planner for the BMW X1.

With the Travel and Leisure Planner in the BMW X1, you can feel at home wherever you are in the world. Whether you're sightseeing or looking for a hotel, restaurant or nearby parking space, the system can lead you directly to the facility you need. The search results include address, contact and opening hours information and can be transferred at the press of a button to the navigation system or your mobile phone.

BMW Routes for the BMW X1.

Whether you are looking for country drives, coastal roads or a tour of the lakes, you can always rely on BMW ConnectedDrive in the BMW X1 to show you the most inspiring BMW Routes. Once you've chosen where you want to go, the navigation system will show you the best way to get there including information in text and image format about the place you are heading and interesting stops along the way. BMW Routes is a BMW ConnectedDrive technology.

BMW Online Weather in the BMW X1.

Interested in local weather conditions at your destination? Want to know if there is a danger of frost in the coming days? BMW Online Weather has the answers. National and international weather forecasts are shown at a glance. Seasonal weather forecasts are also available, such as "Convertible weather" and "Frost forecast". You can even check out snow depths and view webcam images from ski resorts. BMW Online Weather is a BMW ConnectedDrive technology.

BMW Live.

Using internet-based services, BMW Live enhances your mobility by sending you the latest information while you are at the wheel of your BMW X1.

Current news (RSS feeds), weather services and other information are transferred directly into your vehicle. The only requirement is that the Bluetooth data connection on the mobile phone in your BMW X1 should be activated.

Exclusive contents such as Google™ Local Search, weather updates, news via RSS feeds, Panoramio and Google Street View provide you with all the local information you need. In future, BMW will offer even more services in the Applications menu. The choice of which services to use is entirely up to you, and you can configure them to match your needs. BMW Live is a technology from BMW ConnectedDrive.