If a vehicle doesn't look dynamic how are we supposed to believe that it drives dynamically? You have to be able to both see and feel its character." Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design. This was the driving force behind the design of the BMW 5 Series Touring.

And also the driving force behind the design awards for the vehicle in 2011: the Red Dot Design Award “Best of the Best” and Gold in the iF Design Award.
The Automotive Brand Contest is an international design competition for automobile brands organized by the German Design Council. In 2014, the BMW i8 saw off all competitors to clinch the “Best of the Best” title, with the BMW i3, BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé, BMW M4 Coupé and BMW X4 also declared as winners. One year earlier, BMW picked up honours for the BMW M6 Gran Coupé (exterior design), BMW Z4 (exterior design and BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo (interior and exterior design)
In honour of the 75th birthday of the two-seater BMW 328, the BMW Design team presented the BMW 328 Hommage.
The car is made of visible carbon fibre as reminiscence of the lightweight construction competence of BMW and the art of engineering of the original BMW 328.

Just like the successful sports car of the 1930s, the modern interpretation also has winning genes:
In 2011, the BMW 328 Hommage triumphed in the Automotive Brand Contest
The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo never fails to make a lasting first impression. The elongated bonnet, long wheelbase, coupé-like, descending roofline and distinctive rear all accentuate the car's dynamic flair.

This contemporary interpretation of classic Gran Turismo tradition also made an impression in the Red Dot Design Award with a Honorable Mention in 2010.
BMW 6 SERIES COUPÉ With its distinct elegance, striking contours and muscular bonnet, the BMW 6 Series Coupé appears both athletic and emotional.The medals haul of this caris just as impressive: 2011 was crowned by triumphs in the Automotive Brand Contest and the Good Design Award, with the success repeated a year later in the iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award.
The iF (Industrie Forum Design e.V.) Design Award is one of the world's leading design competitions. In 2014, the BMW i3 took Gold, with awards also going to the BMW i8, BMW 2 Series Coupé, BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo, BMW 4 Series Coupé and BMW X5. One year earlier, the BMW 3 Series Sedan and BMW 3 Series Touring scooped the honours. In 2012, it was Gold for the BMW 6 Series Coupé, with the BMW 1 Series, BMW 6 Series Convertible and BMW 1 Series M Coupé also receiving prizes.
The German Design Award is the premium prize of the German Design Council, which is one of the world's leading design-competence centres. Focus of attention at the ceremony in February 2015: the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé (winner) and BMW 2 Series Coupé (Special Mention). The winner in 2014 was the BMW i3 (Gold), with a Special Mention going to the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé. Previous winners include the BMW 6 Series Convertible and BMW 1 Series in 2013 as well as the BMW 5 Series Touring in 2012.
The BMW 1 Series M Coupé exudes a dynamic presence − whichever way you look at it. From the mighty air inlets on the low front apron, via the strongly contoured side sections with their powerfully flared wing extensions, M wing mirrors and the typical M side air vents, through to the spoiler lip and respect-commanding twin tailpipes on either side.This uncompromising design was rewarded with the iF Design Award in 2012.

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest and most prestigious design competitions in the world. In 2014, the BMW i3 won the coveted “Best of the Best” award, with accolades also going to the BMW i8, BMW 2 Series Coupé, BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo and the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and Convertible. In 2013, the BMW 1 Series M135i, BMW 3 Series Touring and BMW M6 Gran Coupé were among the winners. In 2012, BMW triumphed four times, with prizes for the BMW 6 Series Coupé, BMW 1 Series M Coupé, BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé and BMW M5 Sedan.
With the BMW 5 Series Sedan, the designers’ idea was to express dynamism, using distinctive and elegant lines. The design recorded two notable award successes − in 2011 in the iF Design Award and in 2012 in the German Design Award (Silver)
The BMW 1 Series interprets the characteristic design of the BMW automobiles in a young and spontaneous manner. Dynamics find its most modern form: authentic, lively and full of energy. Energy that you can sense even at the first glance.

This energy was also detected by the Good Design Award jury members: The BMW 1 Series won the prize in 2011 and a year later took Gold in the same competition.
The Spark International Design Award is a prize from a community of creatives committed to promoting top-class design. In 2014, the winners were the BMW X5 and the BMW M4 Coupé. One year earlier, the BMW i3 and BMW i8 both scooped the honours.
For decades BMW Design forms the appearance of mobility. The designers of the BMW Design team feel honoured to receive numerous of international awards for their work. One of the most prestigious is the title “Team of the Year” awarded by the Automotive Brand Contest in 2012.
The GREEN GOOD DESIGN Award forms part of the world's oldest design prize, the international GOOD DESIGN Award. This special award focuses on contemporary design and its sustainability credentials.In recent years, BMW has been acknowledged several times for its forward-looking car design: In 2014 for the BMW i3, 2012 for the BMW i3 Concept and the BMW i8 Concept and 2010 for the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics.
Founded in 1950, the Good Design Award is one of the most prestigious and most traditional design prizes in the world. In recent years, BMW has received it on numerous occasions: In 2014 for the BMW i3, BMW i8, BMW M3 Sedan, BMW M4 Convertible, BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé and BMW 2 Series Coupé. In 2013 for the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo and BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé, in 2012 for the BMW 3 Series, BMW M5 Sedan, BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé and BMW M6 Coupé, in 2011 for the BMW 6 Series Convertible, BMW 6 Series Coupé, BMW 1 Series and BMW ActiveE as well as in 2010 for the BMW 5 Series Sedan.
Lightweight construction, optimised aerodynamics and innovative drive concept make the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics a genuine super-sports car. Consumption, however, remains at the level of a compact car.This combination of aesthetics and fuel efficiency was rewarded with the Green Good Design Award in 2010.
The flat, extended car body and the broad rear add power and character to the BMW 6 Series Convertible. At the same time generous areas disappear in the flow of lively power lines creating an elegant interplay between light and shadow.This design was a three-time prize-winner within just two years: in 2011, it took the Red Dot Design Award and the Good Design Award, followed a year later by the iF Design Award.

Inspired by the full-LED headlights of the
BMW 6 Series Coupé, the light designer Paul Cocksedge reinterpreted the theme of ‘light’ with ‘SESTOSENSO’. His mystic light installation places the focus on the magic of this technology innovation.In 2011, the light continued to shine − with victory in the Automotive Brand Contest.
The BMW X1 is both athletic and elegant in equal measure. Rising lateral lines, a long wheelbase and short overhangs guarantee the dynamic shape that is typical of all BMW models − with its characteristic SAV proportions ensuring an impressive air of authority.This athletic figure also attracted the attention of design experts: In 2010, the BMW X1 won the Red Dot Design Award.
With this annual award, the Federal Republic of Germany recognises outstanding product designs.In 2014, BMW picked up Gold with the BMW i3.
The BMW i8 Concept is the sustainable sports car of tomorrow that has become reality today. Its exciting contours and distinctive silhouette send out a clear message: the thrilling three-litre car of the future combines driving pleasure and sense of responsibility.This mixture of high design quality and sustainable concept earned the BMW i8 Concept the Green Good Design Award in 2011.
The first encounter with a BMW M5 is something special. Its poised silhouette is instantly alluring, the wide air inlets in the front apron and the eye-catching side sills encourage you to get in and start the engine − in a dynamic sports car that also doubles as an elegant sedan.It was this dynamic elegance that helped the BMW M5 to capture the Red Dot Design Award in 2012.
The all new BMW X3 should get a powerful and dramatic vibrancy with interplay of light and shadow emphasizing the form and definition on the surface with new bold X-ness. He succeeded not only in this respect, but also managed to gain an Honorable Mention in the Red Dot Design Award in 2011.
The IDEA Award (International Design Excellence Award) is presented annually by the International Designers Society of America to the “Best of the Best” in the field of industrial design.Such as the BMW i3, which picked up Gold in 2014.
The BMW i3 Concept has been developed for mobility in the urban environment and drives fully electrically. Its inspiring design expresses lightness and its compact outer dimensions are combined with the greatest possible interior space.This extremely aesthetic example of environmental-friendliness was also rightly acknowledged − with the 2012 Green Good Design Award
Striking shoulder lines, a long wheelbase, short overhangs, a flowing roofline and a powerful rear: every detail of the electrically powered BMW ActiveE underlines its status as a dynamic coupé.The acknowledgement of this electrifying design? The Good Design Award in 2011.