Launching the locally assembled X6 and X4 in the Egyptian market

Visitors of Cairo International Motor Show,Automech – Formula, were in for a treat withthe most powerful new models from BMW. Forthe first time, BMW Egypt revealed a promisingnumber of surprises that made BMW’s booth themost luxurious at the motor show especially aftercelebrating the centenary of BMW.With a potent collection of latest vehicles, BMWstarted the next 100 years of innovation andleadership; to become the most miscellaneousbrand in the luxury automotive sector in Egypt.BMW i8 for the first time in EgyptFor the first time, BMW Egypt revealed itsmodern hybrid icon; i8. Consequently, BMW fans

recognized closely one of the most important BMWcars launched in recent years whose trademark hasseveral different models such as i3 representinghybrid and electric cars that will create the future ofmobility.The BMW i8 operates with a hybrid system consistingof a 3-cylinder 1500cc engine using TwinPowerTurbo that produces 231hp and an electric motorwith a power output of 131hp, which enables the carto accelerate to 100km/h in just 4.4 seconds. The i8packs all this performance while retaining an equallyimpressive fuel consumption figure of 2.1l/100 KM.X Series …Cruising PassionX6 and X4 now locally assembled in EgyptAutomech -Formula Auto Show also witnessed therevealing of BMW X6 and X4 for the first time in Egypt.These two models are locally assembled inside BMWEgypt’s plant situated in 6th of October city.Since the launch of X6 globally, it has put a new formof SUV; which makes it the first SUV with the featuresof coupe design. It creates new category of sporty

cars that is Sports Activity Coupe.X6 in Egypt will be launched with 4.4-liter V8 enginewith TwinPower Turbo technology and will develop450hp. Equipped with an eight-speed automatictransmission, M-Sport package and xDrive all-wheeldrive system, the BMW X6 promises to lead itssegment.With similar specifications that combine strengthand daring design, comes the BMW X4 which willalso be assembled in Egypt with engine a 3-litersix-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine producing306hp and equipped with an eight-speed automatictransmission, xDrive system, and M-sport package.X series is considered a symbol of passion to explorenew horizons. Its models in Egypt are now completewith the flagship X5, the arrival of the X6 and X4 andthe recently launched all-New X1, which is introducedto the local market with a 1.5-litre three-cylinderTwinPower Turbo engine developing 136hp.The All- New 7 series .. Driving LuxuryAlso from BMW Egypt’s surprises of 2016 at theAutomech motor show was the revealing of The

All- New 7 Series with the Msport package. BMWunveils a new dimension of luxury and takes thedriving experience to unprecedented dimensionsthanks to the many innovations and features in theall-new 7 Series such as Gesture Control and touchcommand which operates the vehicle functions viaTablet applications. The all-New 7 Series is availablein 740Li model which is equipped with a 3-litre sixcylinderengine that produces 326hp.BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe …designed for achieving driving pleasureDemonstrating its ongoing commitment tobroadening the diversity of its model range, BavarianAuto Group revealed th BMW 6 Series Gran Coupewhich sets new benchmark in the top-class premiumsegment in terms of aesthetics, emotionality andmodernity.Unique combination of sporty driving pleasure,elegant design, exclusive interior ambience andtravel comfort, travel comfort; the BMW 6 SeriesGran Coupe displays a significant step forwardsin terms of design harmony, performance,equipment, practicality and integration; highqualityinterior with generous levels of space andimpressive seating comfortBuilding on the aesthetically pleasing styling of theBMW 6 Series, the design of the BMW 6 SeriesGran Coupe showcases its distinctive character;strikingly low-slung appearance.BMW 4 Series Gran CoupeBMW also proudly showcased the BMW 4Series Gran Coupé, the first four-door coupéin the premium midsize class that representsa consistent extension of the model range.The BMW 4 Series is longer, wider and moredynamic than any of the previous midsize seriesdue to the balanced proportions of the vehicles.The new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé combinesthe sleek look of a two-door coupé with thepracticality provided by four-doors and expansivespaciousness, including a wide-access luggagecompartment.