Egyptian qualifying tournaments witnessed showing the all new M-Sport Package from BMW 7 series and 5 series

Last Week, Egyptian fans of BMW and Golf sport have engaged in an interesting experience through the participation in the Egyptian qualifying tournaments of BMW Golf Cup International that marks this year the 20th anniversary in Egypt.


These tournaments that concluded its activities last week were held with the participation of numerous sponsors inside the Westin Cairo Golf Resort situated in Katameya Dunes in New Cairo city, those sponsors were Emirates Airlines, S.T.Dupont, Nespresso, Temraza, Omega, Ralph Lauren, Polo Blue and Gold's Gym.


Immediately upon the completion of the tournaments, three winners were qualified for the participation in the prospective International tournaments that are planned to be held on March 2017 inside the Emirati's city of Dubai.


Those winners are Eissa Abu El Eila, Emad El Erian and Eman Afra; they will be transferred to Dubai city on board the Emirates Airlines.


In the same context, the Egyptian qualifying tournaments witnessed great presence from families and friends of golfers' participants, who were keen to participate in many activities organized by the tournaments' sponsors such as receiving fitness tips and nutrition advices from Gold's Gym, watching  interesting and professional performance out if the renowned English golf player Kevin Carpenter who successfully impressed attendees by his perfect performance that triggered attendees to capture many memorial pictures with him.


Meanwhile, the global leading coffee producer 'Nespresso' has provided to attendees multiple types from its tasty and irresistible coffee during the activities of the tournaments.


Moreover, other sponsors of the tournaments provided the winners' categories with special and valuable gifts; this appeared apparently when the S.T. Dupont assumed responsibility for rewarding category 'A' men, while Category 'B' men received its reward under Omega sponsorship.


Nevertheless, 'Ladies' category has been awarded special perfectly designed dresses from the first international high-end brand based in Egypt 'Temraza'.


Also the first place winner was awarded annual subscription from Gold's Gym and all winners received the new Polo Blue perfume from the leading brand of Ralph Lauren.

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With more than 100,000 participants around the world, BMW Golf Cup International tournament is still creating new achievement depending on its track record history that extends for more than 30 years, assuring it as the largest golf tournament for professionals around the world.


BMW Golf Cup International tournaments' history dates back to 1982 when BMW AG organized a tournament with special invitations send to professional practitioners from its customers around the world, this tournament concluded with successful finals held in the English city of Birmingham, and was the cornerstone that paved the way for official declaration of BMW World Golf Cup Championship in 1992 that its finals have been held in Portugal in 1995.


Above 100,000 golf players around the globe seek final tournaments


Only in Germany, the BMW World Golf Cup qualifying tournaments witness the participation of 10,000 Golf player who only seek reaching final tournaments, moreover the number of golf players who effectively participate in BMW World Golf Cup from 50 countries around the globe reaches 100,000 who competes strongly to reach final tournaments that are being held inside the most luxurious and important golf playground in different countries.


On annual basis, BMW World Golf Cup's tournaments are being held in many places with huge diversity such as Portugal, Argentine, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and South Africa, meanwhile the local qualifying tournaments that are being held in each solo country are also enjoying the same amount of sophistication that is present on the international finals.This great attention and care from BMW AG over the years to Golf sport made the German manufacturer one of the most sponsors to Golf sport over its long-term history.


This sponsorship that extends to other sports' activities such as automotive sport and some naval races is considered part of BMW AG's vision to participate effectively in its customers' interests, this vision is being developed over the years as part of BMW [Next 100 years] policy that through it, BMW is working actively to develop automotive industry's future and its role in customers' life. 


Within the Egyptian qualifying tournaments BMW Egypt showed its latest vehicles that were led by the All new 7 series that has been recently launched with remote control parking system, also the tournaments witnessed the showing of the all-new BMW 5 series M- Sport Package, in addition to the recently locally assembled vehicles of X6 , X5 , X4 and X3.


Moreover, the attendees were granted the opportunity to discover BMW future vehicles through 'Vision Gate' technology that is held for the first time in Egypt, it allows capturing photos with latest BMW future vehicles that are planned to be produced as part of BMW VISION NEXT 100 vision vehicle that enabled attendees to explore future planed vehicles from inside with a 360-degree imaging technology.