The 5 series M Sport Package is now revealed in Egypt with unique, unprecedented, luxurious and peek-catching features

With a unique and distinct appearance came the BMW 5 series that is leading the world of businessmen and sporty vehicles through a design that combines luxury and sporty sharpness, in addition to a performance that does not accept compromises when it comes to force.


The current generation of BMW 5 series is representing a precise balance that gives the car a special charisma, this charisma is enhanced through the sporty M-Sport Package features that gives a special character makes it last in the lead as usual with unprecedented specifications since launching the vehicle for the first time.


The existence of 'Twin Power Turbo' technology in BMW engines offers dynamism that provides the maximum sporty performance with less fuel consumption.


This appears apparently in BMW 5 series '520i' that is launched with 2000 cc and four-cylinder engine provided by automatic transmission 'Steptronic' of  8-speed with the possibility of controlling speed through the usage of buttons located behind the steering wheel, through this engine the vehicle achieves 184 horsepower and torque of 270 Nm / m  with the acceleration of zero to the speed of 100 kilometers per hour in 7.9 seconds, top speed of 233 kilometers per hour, while the average fuel consumption comes 6.4 liters only per 100 kilometers, and the vehicle reaches to its entire performance with usage of fuel type 92.


The M-Sport package gives the vehicle unprecedented charisma and more enjoyable driving experience, as the vehicle is supported from the outside with the sporty M rims of 18-inch, also supported with 'Aerodynamics' additions and rear spoiler, while the interior is supported with M package to the footstool and the edges of the doors, moreover the M Sports steering wheel made out of natural leather, and sporty seats that is electrically adjustable with memory for the driver and front passenger.


The all-new 5 series M-Sport Package's driver will enjoy usage of a color screen measuring 10.2 inches to view vehicle's data, entertainment system and rear view camera, this screen is connected to iDrive system that works by touch control that facilitates easy navigation in the vehicle's lists and the entertainment system.


Moreover the vehicle is provided with a 'Navigation System Professional', a USB port, and the possibility of connecting the phone via Bluetooth road, while the air conditioning system is established with the possibility to be adjusted by all the passengers inside the vehicle.


The All-new 5 series driver has the ability to use 'cruise control' feature on high roadsthrough the activation of brakes on the slopes for not exceeding speed limits to finally achieve easy driving, via this system the driver will not beobligated to view from time to time the vehicle's counters, as the counters' data are being displayed on the windshield through 'Head Up' display technology.


Also the vehicle is supported by moving 'Xenon headlamps' for ideal lighting in curves that also allowing the driver to control the intensity of illumination.

When the all-new 5 series M-Sport Package driver arrives to a city, the vehicle is helping him to properly find parking place through parking and raining sensors, in addition to a steering wheel control system of 'Servotroinc' for flexible movement during parking and driving.Meanwhile, the vehicle is supported by 'Auto Start/ Stop' feature that automatically suspend the engine during any congestion for the sake of saving fuel.


The All-new 5 series is connected with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter

through the 'Connected Drive' applications, which make BMW a pioneer in the field of connected cars; 'Connected Drive' applications provide also the possibility of Internet connection and reaching your favorite radio stations through
your phone. 

'Driving dynamism' is one of the characteristic and associated features with  BMW and all of its vehicles, this dynamism appears apparently in the possibility of full amending the driving experience to cope with the desire of the driver, through the choice between modes Sport +,Sport, Comfort, ECO PRO for driving.


In the same context, the full sporty mode' Sport+', which adjusts the engine response, transmission and the mechanism of the car to give utmost athletic performance, while the 'ECO PRO' mode adjusts the car mechanism to achieve saving in energy through directing the engine to work on a low range of turns per minute, this action contributes effectively in reducing the directed energy that operates systems powered by electricity such as air conditioning.


From the top, the all-new BMW 5 series is re-discovering itself with launching the 520i M-Sport Package to provide a copy that bears new sporty features and unprecedented facilities, to offer BMW customers what they expect from the Bavarian manufacturer of luxury, strength in performance and a peek-catching charisma onthe road.


First local reveal in Egypt

BMW Egypt just revealed The All-New BMW X1for the 1st time in Egypt, the car was displayed inthe Red Sea coastal resort Soma Bay on January22nd when all the classic rock fans headed thereto attend The Dire Straits Experience concert.BMW organized a test-drive for the guests ofSoma Bay during the weekend to experience thepleasure of driving the all-new BMW X1 with thenew specifications and technologies.The new BMW X1 – the successor to the modelthat blazed the trail for this class of car – treatsthe premium compact segment to an even morepotent shot of Sports Activity Vehicle DNA. Thesecond generation of this successful model, morethan 730,000 units of which have now been sold,takes to the stage with a body design straight outof the BMW X model mould.With a 1.5L 136 Horsepower 3 Cylinders engine,

fuel consumption is reduced to 5.3 litres for every100 KM. The new BMW X1 goes from 0 to 100km/h in 9.7 seconds, with a top speed of 204km/h.The power and technology of BMW TwinPowerTurbo engines, intelligent lightweight constructionand sophisticated aerodynamics form the basisin the BMW X1 for enhanced driving pleasurewith reduced fuel consumption. Rounding offthis approach are BMW EfficientDynamicstechnologies with energy management asstandard.Rugged proportions, a powerful presenceand dynamic lines lend the new BMW X1 acommanding appearance and highlight its statusas the youngest member of the BMW X modelfamily. The new model has grown in heightcompared to its predecessor (+53 millimetres),

The interior design of the new BMW X1 combinesthe driver-focused cockpit design that has becomea hallmark of the brand’s models with touchespromoting authoritative, SAV-style driving pleasureand a contemporary premium ambience. Standardequipment includes air conditioning, an audiosystem with USB and AUX-in sockets, and theiDrive operating system, whose 6.5-inch display isintegrated into the instrument panel in freestandingmonitor form.The elevated seating position in the BMW X1 offersa range of benefits. The most obvious is that driverand passengers enjoy an outstanding all-roundview, which simultaneously brings added safetyin road traffic. Entering and leaving also becomessubstantially more comfortable for everyone.

which has helped increase the spaciousness of theinterior. And its significantly raised seating position(+36 millimetres at the front, +64 millimetres at therear) optimises the driver’s view out over the road.Knee room in the rear has increased by 37millimetres in standard specification and by up to66 millimetres with the optionally adjustable rearseat, while the 505-litre boot capacity is 85 litreslarger than that of its predecessor. Folding down thestandard-fitted 40:20:40 rear seat backrest, whichcan also be specified in angle-adjustable form asan option, allows load capacity to be expanded toas much as 1,550 litres. The optional folding frontpassenger seat backrest and a rear seat benchwhich can slide 13 centimetres fore and aft offeradditional variability.


In an exclusive show specified for journalists, BMW Egypt showed off the sixth and new generation ofthe 7 Series via what BMW calls “closed room” which gives the attendees the opportunity to exclusivelyexperience the car before anyone else

The “Closed Room “experience carries an elitistnature, as BMW Egypt offers its new car the allNew 7 Series inside a massive suite situated inthe Galleria 40 entertainment complex in SheikhZayed city, so as to reach nearby places for theirclients in nature differs from the usual show rooms,as the closed room’s nature holds a lot of luxuryin its decoration and hospitality, so the client willenjoy his visit.Customers inside the “Closed Room” witnessedthe attendance of experienced BMW clerkswho carried the title of” Product Genius”; theyanswered all questions related to the car and

provided clear definition for its super capabilities.The All – New BMW 740Li has been showninside a closed room situated at Galleria 40entertainment complex, after revealing it andproviding presentation about the most importantnew innovations inside the car that is expectedto put forward in the Egyptian automotive marketsoon.The All – New BMW 7 Series’ detection putsEgypt on the top of states that showed the carjust after a while from the official exhibition ofthe Frankfurt International Auto Show held lastSeptember of 2015.


Highlighting their ongoing commitment to the higheststandards of customer service, the Bavarian Auto Group(BAG) the sole seller and distributor of BMW in Egypt,introduced three new after sales facilities in Cairo in late2015. The new centers which are located in the Kattameyaand Obour areas are all part of BAG’s strategy to expandtheir customer base through wider access to services thatcater to the specific needs of their BMW customers.The centers which provide both mechanical and electricalservices in addition to body and paint repair will provideadditional options for BMW owners who are lookingto fix cosmetic and structural damage in their cars. TheKattameya centers, which are located in the KattameyaExhibition area and on the Maadi Kattameya Ring Road,respectively, will provide their extensive list of after salesservices, from 9am to 6pm on working days. The facilitywill serve BMW & MINI with 18 mechanical and electrical

work bays and 8 body and paint workshops.An additional sales facility located in Obour’s first industrialzone beside Carrefour City center, will also offer a rangeof services for the areas business community. Open from9am to 5pm from Saturday to Wednesday, the center willserve BMW customers through 16 mechanical bays anda body and paint workshop.As part of their commitment to offering more extensiveafter sales services BAG has also moved one of theirold centers. The body and paint facility that used to bein Mehwar El Shaheed in Kattameya has now moved toTaqseem Al Marwaha in District no 25. The bigger locationwill allow the center to provide more diverse offeringsthrough 11 mechanical and electrical work bays and 19body and paint workshops. The facility which is open fromSunday through Thursday every week, is operational from9am till 6pm.


In recent years, BAG has taken significantsteps forward; expanding the brand in Egyptby supporting current and future BMW ownersthrough a diverse number of buying and trade inoptions that serve the needs of all.The trade-in BMW is a core service that BAGoffers to its loyal brands allowing them toupgrade their model to the latest BMW designson the market. Additional services such asthe BMW Premium Selection, offer a uniqueopportunity to Egyptians looking to becomepart of this premium car club. Offering a range

the finest pre-owned BMW vehicles that arecarefully selected and comprehensively examinedfor quality, the BMW Premium Selection vehicleoffers entry into the world of driving pleasure andis 100% BMW without any exceptions.Bavarian Auto Group stands behind every BMWPremium Selection vehicle for guaranteed qualityand premium services, providing an officialpromise of quality the Premium Selection standsfor the right cars with the right history. Ensuringeach vehicles feel exactly as a BMW is intended;every vehicle comes with a full, detailed historyabout servicing, maintenance and repairs and

shouldn’t be more than five years old.Additional all vehicles are fully servicedbefore being offered to BMW customers; acomprehensive check which includes body,engine, suspension, gearbox, glass, tires, alloyschecks as well as refurbishment as needed,ensures customers enjoy the premium carexperience that the BMW brand has becomesynonymous with.With up to 12 months warranty, the selectionoffers a comprehensive set of services andbenefits that can only be found through BMW,providing drivers with the ultimate peace of mind.